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Protect Your Campus
We know providing tests for an entire campus is challenging. So, we don’t just provide test kits; we provide everything you need to set up and run your campus surveillance testing program.
How it works

step by step

Testing Made Easy



We provide on-site
support throughout
the entire process.


Collect Samples

Complete a quick
specimen collection
process using our
saliva or nasal test



We provide a courier
service to handle all
specimen shipping and transportation.


Back to Learning

Results are delivered
next day for PCR tests
and in 10 minutes for
rapid antigen tests.

Question & Answers

Frequently asking questions

Our team is prepared to provide a full-service solution from set up to results that enable your university to focus on educating students.

Our team will work closely with you develop a testing program that meets your specific needs and requirements. 

Our team manages the entire logistics process – including pick-up and shipping.

Saliva PCR testing is highly sensitive and accurate. Our laboratory developed method is 97% sensitive and 100% specific.

We offer Saliva PCR Testing, Nasal Swab PCR Testing, and Rapid Antigen Testing.

When an outbreak situation is identified, rapid antigen tests can be immediately deployed with subsequent confirmatory PCR testing for known exposures or symptomatic individuals.

Results can be reported in a variety of HIPPA compliant user-friendly methods. Options include SMS text message, email, online portal, or direct phone call by a WV Labs team member.

PCR results are available within 24-36 hours. Rapid

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